It was when I realized that nearly all my pins on Pinterest were food related that I thought I’d like to share some of my favorite recipes with the greater world. I grew up in Bush Alaska where our fresh foods were wild game, or fish, and berries. For the most part we ate everything canned. You’ll be glad to know that I grew out of it. I’m in my mid-60s and as I aged, the accessibility to fresh foods grew and I learned to cook with and enjoy them. My three children are all grown, but I still cook many meals for five people and the food doesn’t last too long in the refrigerator. So, join me here as I tell you some of the things I’ve learned about food.

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A few years ago Reddit had a thread on cheap soups for college students. Someone posted a link to the recipe for Gizzard Gumbo on this blog and the rest is history. Number one, worldwide! Pretty cool alright.

I am NOT the author of The Eating Clean Diet found on I have asked twice to remove or correct the entry. Nothing ever happens. I am the author of several short stories and articles for children and adults.

Paula Lindstam, Anchorage, Alaska, USA