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Today I don’t have a recipe, just an update. A week ago I got a Traeger pellet grill smoker. Google it if you don’t know what it is. I’ve used it for the protein component of dinner for five days already. I’ll start posting recipes once I get it dialed in. The first night was thin rib-eye steaks for a party we were having. Meh. They weren’t terrible, but it was a waste of good money on good meat, the price of which has skyrocketed the past month. Sigh. But since that first go, I’ve tried lamb chops, chicken leg quarters, and Chorizo Pork Burger. Country-style pork ribs are on the Traeger right now. The lamb chops were to die for. I think it may be the best meal I have ever cooked. Unbelievably delicious. If you’re in Anchorage, Alaska and have access to Costco. Go buy their lamb chops and try this. I sprinkled them with kosher salt and let them sit in the refrigerator for a couple hours. Then I sprinkled them all over with herbs de provence and then sprinkled with olive oil. Onto the Traeger at roughly 225 degrees for an hour or so. If you’re not a lamb chop aficionado, like I am, then just know that lamb chops are meant to be served medium rare. That is perfection. And the whole smoking thing . . . this was simply amazing. I have never eaten such a wonderful meat. Never.

The Chorizo Pork Burgers last night were really tasty. We got caught up in work during the process, so basically it turned into delicious burgers tossed onto buns and called good. I should have done more, but didn’t have time to complement the burgers. Next time.

The chicken leg quarters were okay, I mean good, but not memorable.

Today. My husband has some ripe cucumbers, so we went foraging through his greenhouse. I made two quart jars of Refrigerator Dill Pickles and canned five pint jars of Spicy Dills. Lo, and behold! while scavenging in the garden area of rogue raspberries I discovered long-lost currants, lots of them! In the end I picked three cups! I’ve updated my currant jelly recipe.

The day started with me making ricotta cheese. My husband has FINALLY acknowledged that I might need a bigger kitchen! I’ve got ricotta cheese, currant jelly, canned and refrigerator dill pickles all done. Apple Razzy Pie is in the oven and I’ve got a couple cups of golden raspberries in a bowl in the refrigerator because I simply do not know what I’m going to do with them. The whole day started with me wanting to make a Ricotta Raspberry Cake. The ricotta is not cooperating. Sigh again. LOL. Welcome to my day in the rain forest of Rabbit Creek, Anchorage, Alaska!

What kind?